Proper maintenance is the best way to keep your vehicle in great running condition. Preventing problems before they start will help you keep your car on the road.  The team at Chappell’s Tires can keep it in top shape so it’s reliable in all conditions.


Regularly changing your car’s engine oil and filter is one of the most important things you can do to keep your car running smoothly.  This is because, over time, oil breaks down and the filter becomes clogged with contaminants.

An oil change involves draining out old motor oil and replacing it with fresh motor oil.  The oil filter is usually replaced at the same time.

It is recommended you have an oil change every 3,000 – 5,000 miles.

Our oil, lube and filter services consist of:

  • Replacing the oil filter

  • Checking the air filter

  • Inspecting and topping off all fluids under the hood

  • Oiling all fittings

  • Checking belts and hoses

  • Inspecting tire pressure

    There are many fluids that your vehicle uses to help keep it running smoothly. Over time these fluids break down and lose the ability to do their job properly. Replacing the fluids and flushing the contaminants out of the system is a very important part of preventative maintenance. Some of the fluid services that we perform:

    Transmission –Over time the transmission fluid deteriorates and loses its ability to lubricate and protect the moving parts inside the transmission. Flushing the transmission includes running cleaners through the transmission to remove contaminates and replace the fluid with fresh clean transmission fluid. Under normal driving conditions, the transmission fluid should be changed about every 50,000 miles.

    Coolant – The coolant (antifreeze) is an integral part of your engine. It keeps your engine cool and your vehicle warm in the winter. The coolant in your car should be checked at regular intervals. If the coolant is low, you may have a leak. Pay attention to the color and condition of the coolant. If it is discolored or appears to have sediment, your system should be flushed and new coolant added. This service is typically performed every 30,000 miles.

    Steering – Checking the levels of power steering fluid and the alignment of the tires from time to time can make a significant difference in your confidence while driving. Ensuring that your vehicle is responsive to the steering is an absolute necessity.

    Fuel and Air Filters – Air filters capture dust and other particles to keep them from coming into the car and should be changed about once a year. Fuel filters should be replaced every couple of years.


    Belts and hoses are constantly exposed to heat, vibration, and chemicals which make them prone to cracking and wearing out.  The power steering pump, alternator, air conditioning compressor, radiator cooling fan, water pump are some of the belts we inspect.  During our belt and hose inspection we:

  • look for cracking, glazing, softening, peeling, etc.
  • test tension and alignment

  • make note of any suspicious but not-yet-dangerous condition that we should check on your next visit with us
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